Our services are fully tailored to fit your priorities. We work according to your agenda and wishes, without waste of time, with clear objectives and transparency.

Language Coaching | Sprachunterricht | Idiomas a la medida

Master the process of speaking a new language without effort and get the access to its culture.

Translation Proofreading Copy Writing

Translation • Proofreading • Copywriting

Übersetzung • Korrektur • Texten | Traducción • Revisión • Redacción. Creation and processing of almost all types of content.

Processing of Information

Content Management | Inhaltsverwaltung | Manejo de contenidos

Processing of information into text, web, presentation, (info)graphic or explainer video for clarity and simplicity.

Virtual Assistant | virtuelle Assistenz | Assistente virtual

Your right hand for all the tasks that can be done remotely.

Aleman fácil para hablantes de español (I)

La actitud Las cosas buenas y duraderas requieren esfuerzo y perseverancia. La adquisición de un idioma no es la excepción. Ante todo una buena actitud, frente a todo lo que hagas, es clave para lograr objetivos y buenos resultados. Te aseguramos que la motivación y las ganas que le eches a tu proyecto “Dominar el alemán” (o llámale Aprender, Conquistar, Hablar) son determinantes. Optimista, paciente, constante, sin miedo Sigue estos consejos, que van acompañados de enlaces a vídeos listados al…

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Blogging ideas

Creating a blog can be very fun and useful, but it’s also very tiring if you don’t plan well the content that you want to share. Many -but truly many- of the blogs in this virtual universe vanish every day in the same way they appear. Or they just stuck. Forever. It doesn’t matter if you publish on video channels, social networks, your own website or on a blogging platform, we highly reccomend you to create a structure. Do it…

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